Top 3 144HZ Gaming Monitors

144hz monitor for gaming

Setting up a gaming rig can be pretty expensive, especially if you’re looking forward to build a high-end Gaming PC. But if you’re ok with just building one that’s not over the top expensive, well, now’s the time to pick the best gear for gaming within your budget. The best way to start building your gaming PC is to find a quality gaming monitor, and if you’re running on a limited budget, you might want to consider buying a 144Hz Gaming Monitor. This is because the monitor doesn’t only offer high quality resolutions it’s also much more affordable than other high-end gaming monitors.

In this list, we’ve gathered 3 of the best gaming monitors available in the market today. With some of the best performances and value, there’s no doubt that these monitors are easy recommendations for anyone who’s looking to find the best monitor for gaming.

  1. ASUS ROG PG27VQ – If you’re looking to buy a monitor that has a 4K resolution and HDR support, then the ASUS ROG PG27VQ is the one you need. The monitor features a 144Hz refresh rate along with an adaptive sync technology that enables a faster response time and a higher refresh rate than most gaming monitors. With an attractive design that features an illuminating logo and unique RGB LEDs at the backside, the ASUS PG27VQ is unquestionably appealing to professional and casual gamers alike. And in addition to the overall beauty of the monitor, it also offers a 1080p resolution and a curved screen which significantly improves the image quality. Gamers will experience a more convenient and the smoothest of gameplay, thanks to the 144HZ refresh rate.


  1. AOC G2460PQU 24-inch 144 Hz– With its 24-inch TN-based screen, AOC offers no less than other well known brands in the Gaming monitor industry. The G2460PQU is considered to be one of the best professional gaming monitors on the market. The monitor features an HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and dual-link DVI which covers pretty much all of the input problems. And on its on-screen display, it provides an i-Care setting that uses a sensor to automatically adjust brightness based on your room’s lighting. Thanks to the 144HZ refresh rate, the AOC G2460PQU runs games smoothly and gamers won’t have a problem gaming for long hours because of its color-shifting performance. With its solid construction and revolutionary design, any professional gamer would fall in love with this beautiful gaming monitor.


  1. The LG 24GM77-B – The last gaming monitor on the list is the LG 24GM77-B. Although LG is not widely known to make gaming monitors, they have created one of the best gaming monitor ever released.  The monitor features a 24″ 1080p 144Hz and a fully adjustable screen with a joystick-activated OSD. Its Black Stabilizer for lightening dark scenes helps gamers adjust the brightness in-game, while its’ Dynamic Action Sync reduces the action lag on the screen The LG 24GM77-B excels in all areas of gaming monitor and has excellent overall performance. Overall the LG 24GM77-B is worth every penny if you’re looking to buy a monitor that would last a very long time.

Throughout the years, gaming monitors have evolved rapidly to meet the demands of professional gamers and game companies to deliver the best gaming experience for their clients. And while there are a lot of monitors to choose from, only the best of the best gaming monitors will give you satisfying results. Check out this website for more thorough gaming monitor reviews at